Solving Cases Using DNA ~ Romanovs ~ Jack Ripper ~ Boston Strangler ~ 82 Slides + Test  + FCs
Powerpoint Presentation Plus Flash Cards for complete DNA as evidence presentation. The flash cards can be used for review, class discussion and/or testing. These are all highly visual and textual slides and flash cards. PLUS a 20 question multiple choice quiz , answer key included.

The cases discussed include:

The solving of the Romanovs' case, identifying Tsar Nicholas II and his family with DNA.

The solving of the Boston Strangler case with DNA, finally confirming the murderer-rapist was Albert DeSalvo.

The "in controversy" solving of the Jack the Ripper case with DNA. Out of these three this one is up for the most debate.

Then there are three paternity cases: Eddy Murphy's daughter; James Brown's son and Anna Nicole Smith's daughter. All three cases proved paternity with DNA.

The concluding case is the Thomas Jefferson as ancestor question. Both the Thomas Jefferson Foundation and Monticello are now accepting Sally Heming's children as Jefferson's due to DNA testing on a living male descendant of the two.

The author is a retired lawyer, instructor and textbook author.
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