A lesson presentation that presents teaching and learning resources on Shakespearean and Miltonic Sonnets.

After completing this lesson, the students will be able to:

  • List sonnet types and their features.
  • Analyse the structure of a sonnet.
  • Compare and contrast Shakespearean Sonnets with Miltonic.
  • Demonstrate your knowledge of sonnets in writing.

This Resource includes:

  • Real Life Application and Cross-Curriculum Links
  • Flipped Lesson Part - Videos on Sonnets
  • Success Criteria - Sonnets Checklist
    Lesson Starter: Vocabulary Check
  • Sonnet Types
  • Structure of Shakespearean Sonnet
  • Structure of Miltonic Sonnet
    Collaborative Tasks:
  • Pair-Share: Identifying the structure of given Shakespearean Sonnet.
  • Ask-Write: Identifying the structure of given Miltonic Sonnet.
  • Write-Advance: Comparing Shakespearean and Miltonic Sonnets.
    Mini-Plenary: 4 Online Quizzes
    Assessment Rubrics
    Differentiated Tasks: 4 Activities
    Extensions: Comprehending a Shakespearean Prologue.
    Plenary: Testing student understanding of sonnets.
    Home Learning:
  • Reading sonnets to answer challenging questions.
  • Paraphrasing sonnets.
  • Providing modern text to sonnets.
    Common Core Standards: ELA-Literacy-RL.9-10.9/11-12.4/7
    Skills: Social and Cognitive

Here are some possible uses for these in your classroom:

  • To challenge early finishers
  • For effective tutoring
  • As ESL stations and sub tubs
  • As holiday work and homework
  • For small group collaborations
  • For an end of unit assessments
  • For reinforcement and enrichment
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