My experiences teaching maths mastery with children taking their first steps in maths have been so powerful, creative and fun that I wanted to share them. I hope you enjoy the resources and teaching early maths mastery as much as I do!

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This hands-on unit of work will have your Early Years children sorting and comparing like masters in no time!

Updated for the September 2021 EYFS Statutory Framework and revised Development Matters (non-statutory) curriculum guidance.

Sorting and comparing helps children to look at relationships and attributes, as well as how rules apply to sets. Further down the line, children who can sort confidently have one of the building blocks for algebraic thinking securely in place.

This unit has been placed in the Autumn term for Reception as sorting should be taught early on but it should also form part of your ongoing provision - lots of exposure to sorting and comparing is key! Examples might include sorting pencils into pots by colour, storing bricks by shape, grouping mud kitchen equipment by material and so on.

The unit plan was written with Reception children in mind but the activity ideas can be used or easily adapted for pre-school children as well.

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If you are following the Early Maths Mastery long term plan, this is Unit 3 and falls in week 9 of the Autumn term.

Included in this download are:

  • A detailed planning document
  • A suggested long-term maths mastery plan
  • A printed resources file to support the planning
  • Key ideas and common misconceptions
  • A focus activity
  • A range of independent activities and notes on progression
  • Key questions for adults working with children
  • ‘Keep up’ support ideas
  • Greater depth challenges
  • Prompt cards detailing key questions and extensions for each activity
  • A PowerPoint to introduce reasoning in the context of comparing numbers

If you’re interested in more maths mastery resources, try:
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Subitising game - Little Red Riding Hood (free resource)

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Reception Maths Mastery - The 'Everything So Far' Bundle

Every single Reception Early Maths Mastery paid resource in one awesome bundle! This is much more than simply planning documents (although there's 22 weeks' worth of those). Included in these units of work are: * over 400 pages of printed resources to support teaching and enhanced provision in Early Years * 180 ideas for enhanced provision activities * misconceptions and key ideas highlighted within each unit * high quality, mastery question prompts * ideas for keep up work or extension * 19 powerpoint/pdf presentations to support teaching inputs That's hours and hours of work - all done for you! **With a total value of £80, this bundle saves you 25% off the cost of buying everything individually. ** Check out this [FREE sample taster unit]( before you buy. All Early Maths Mastery planning follows this format so you can be assured that the same high-quality, research-based planning, support information and range of activities will be included with any unit of work that you download. Included in this bundle are the following units of work: * Pattern * Numbers 0-10 * Sorting and Comparing * Measures * Shape (units 1 and 2) * 1 more and 1 less * Calculation within 10 * Numbers beyond 10 Plus a bonus Christmas problem-solving activity! This equates to over half the year's planning - woo hoo! :)


Autumn Term Reception Maths Mastery Planning

Wouldn't it be great to have all your research and maths planning done for the entire autumn term? Imagine how it would free you up to focus your time and energy on your pupils and on customising your provision to meet their needs and play to their interests. This bundle will take care of the autumn term maths planning for you *and* provide you with a stash of activity ideas, printable resources and presentations to help you fly through the autumn term. **All units are updated for the September 2021 EYFS Framework and revised Development Matters (non-statutory) guidance.** These units of work are thoroughly researched, based on maths mastery principles and contain over 30 pages of detailed plans with notes on progression, differentiation, misconceptions, questioning and key ideas. There is a wide range of hands-on, fun activity ideas as well as more than 100 pages of printable resources and accompanying PowerPoints. Everything in this massive resource is there to help the children build solid foundations in maths and the ability to think flexibly. **By purchasing this bundle of all five units, you are SAVING 15% off the individual price of each unit.** **This time-saving, high-quality bundle includes:** * Week 1: [Pattern]( * Weeks 2 - 8: [Numbers 0-10]( * Week 9: [Sorting and comparing]( * Weeks 10-11: [Measures]( * Week 12: [Shapes (1)]( A [FREE taster unit]( is available if you would like to try before you buy. All Early Maths Mastery planning follows this format so you can be assured that the same high-quality planning, support information and range of activities will be included with any unit of work that you download.




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3 years ago

This is a very thorough and comprehensive set of resources which my year group thoroughly enjoyed. Thank you

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