Spanish Preterit Weekend Human Bingo Game Speaking Activity & Follow-Up
This activity uses the preterit with 16 different weekend activities. The majority of verbs are regular. Examples of verbs are: cocinar, limpiar, escribir, caminar, ir de compras, and jugar. Students will practice 3 forms of each verb with these activities. Each student mingles with a bingo grid and must find different classmates that can reply yes when asked about statements in each of the 16 boxes. A sample statement is, "Caminé con mi perro." When a student replies yes to the questions, the questioning student follows up by asking in Spanish for the student's signature. The goal is to be the first student to fill the entire bingo grid.

Also included is a follow up worksheet that requires students to:
1. Write a sentence for each of the 16 boxes in the grid. The student includes the name of the student that signed the box and must change the verbs to the third person.
2. Write an appropriate Spanish infinitive verb under 6 images at the bottom of the paper.

These are fun activities for students learning the preterit, and they're also great back to school get to know you / review activities for students with prior Spanish experience. Students love to talk about their weekend and this allows them to do so, but in Spanish!
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