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This set of cards practices the regular preterite verbs in Spanish.

It includes a fun set of marine animal task cards that can be used to pair students for games and activities. Each set has fifteen pairs of animals with a set of five or three questions on each card. Note that it is the same set of questions on each card. Teachers can dictate the questions and then hand out the cards. Students correct their dictation and then find their partner animal to have a conversation. A review sheet with the eight questions from both sets is included as a follow-up for another day. A blank set of cards is also included so you can make your own dictations.

These work perfectly for bell-ringers, exit tickets or as lengthier activities. Minimal printing required, just three pages for up to a class of 30. Can be used for groups of three or more just be printing extra sheets.

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Spanish Regular Preterite Verbs Bundle #8. Verbos del Pretérito Regular Español

Spanish Regular Preterite Verbs Bundle - Learn while you play! **These activities are for individual sale in our store. Save over 50% when you buy this bundle!** You may like our other Bundles below. **[Click here for our other BUNDLES!](https://www.teacherspayteachers.com/My-Products/Category:272193)** Enough games, activities, and worksheets for multiple lessons plans. Many of these work well as sub lesson too and require very little prep - just print and play! Actividades, juegos, y ejercicios para aprender los verbos del pretérito regular de los en español. Lecciones para aprender la gramática y vocabulario. This set focuses on the following ten verbs but there is a twenty verb list included. The additional verbs are used in some of the extension activities. hablar llevar estudiar limpiar comer beber vender escribir salir vivir Additional verbs: caminar escuchar trabajar tomar aprender correr ver subir abrir dividir This set includes: \* Guacamole - A fun word scramble, puzzle and game that practices the verb list. Color coded answer key provided. Advanced version and simple version included so you can differentiate in class. Contains a follow up circumlocution worksheet with the extension verbs for writing and speaking to practice (a version with English instructions and a version with Spanish instructions included). (4 pages, 1 color coded answer slide, 2 culture slides) \* Exploradores: A long version and short version of our Search and Find game that plays like Battleship (but without all the violence!) Players use their verbs to find the opposing players animals. Play both versions for the maximum practice. Grammar key is included on the game sheet to help students use the verbs correctly. (2 pages plus Student Vocabulary and instructions slides. Teacher instructions) \* Student Pairing Cards: These cards have an ocean theme. Each card has a set of five questions that use the grammar structure. (Note, the same set of questions is on each card). These can be used for dictations, writing and speaking practice. Use the cards to match up students for the Exploradores game. A blank set of cards and an additional three question set is included along with corresponding projection slides. There are fifteen pairs of different animals in a set. (Two separate three page sets with questions and a 3 page blank set. 1 page follow up writing. Includes student instructions slide and answer keys for the dictations.) \* ¡Cuéntame un Cuento! Creative Writing Activity. Students choose from two fun situations and work together to create a short story using the verbs from the list. A follow-up comic strip and writing activity is included. The Blank Comic Strip can be reused for future activities. An extension sheet is included for rewriting the original story. (4 pages - Teacher instructions included, Full Color Situation Slides to present in class before writing) \* Class Instructions and Vocabulary Slides. *Teacher Instructions and Tips for getting the most out of the activities. \* A FREE link to a matching Quizlet list so you don't have to make up your own! Play Quizlet live and other games. \*\*\* Match this with our Full Color Grammar Pop Slides at our store if you need a more in-depth grammar review before these activities. \*\*\* Follow us by clicking the green star under our store name at the top of the page. Play, Create, Learn! Speak More Spanish. Thank you!



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