Find attached the pdf and word files for 5 AS units that I have made for my students.
I start with the Unit of Cyber since we have many students doing both French and Spanish and this way they do not all start with the topic of family at the same time.
I have also uploaded the assessments I have made for every page of vocabulary.
I have got Memrise courses with all of this vocab and you will find the links in the second page of the technologies vocab list.
I give my students an exercise booklet for every unit and I place these lists at the beginning of each unit. They have to fill them in and they use them to revise. I have a course in Memrise for every level and every column you see in the lists has a level.


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  • Glossary---Las-tecnologias.docx
  • Glossary---Las-tecnologias.pdf
  • Glossary---Los-riesgos-de-las-tecnologias-(amended).docx
  • Glossary---Los-riesgos-de-las-tecnologias-(amended).pdf
  • Glossary---Social-networks.docx
  • Glossary---Social-networks.pdf
  • Glossary---Los-telefonos-moviles.docx
  • Glossary---Los-telefonos-moviles.pdf
  • Vocab-Assessment_Cyber-(Version-1---2).pdf
  • Glossary----Los-cambios-en-la-familia.pdf
  • Glossary---Los-cambios-en-la-familia.docx
  • Glossary---Conflictos-en-las-familias.docx
  • Glossary---Conflictos-en-las-familias.pdf
  • Glossary---Matrimonio-y-divorcios.pdf
  • Glossary---Matrimonio-y-divorcios.docx
  • Vocab-Assessment_Family-(Version-1---2).pdf
  • Glossary---Cantantes-y-musicos.docx
  • Glossary---Cantantes-y-musicos.pdf
  • Glossary---Estrellas-de-TV-y-cine.docx
  • Glossary---Estrellas-de-TV-y-cine.pdf
  • Glossary_Deportistas.docx
  • Glossary_Deportistas.pdf
  • Glossary_Models.docx
  • Glossary_Models.pdf
  • Vocab-Assessment_Idols-(Version-1---2).pdf
  • Glossary-Tradiciones-y-costrumbres.pdf
  • Glossary-Tradiciones-y-costrumbres.docx
  • Glossary---La-gastronomia.pdf
  • Glossary---La-gastronomia.docx
  • Glossary_Languages.pdf
  • Glossary_Languages.docx
  • Vocab-Assessment_Regional-Identity-(Version-1---2).pdf
  • Glossary_Sitios-Turisticos.pdf
  • Glossary_Sitios-Turisticos.docx
  • Glossary_Arte-y-arquitectura.docx
  • Glossary_Arte-y-arquitectura.pdf
  • Glossary_Patrimonio-musical.pdf
  • Glossary_Patrimonio-musical.docx
  • Vocab-Assessment_Patrimonio-Cultural-(Version-1---2).pdf

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