Spanish Vocabulary Lists for the AQA topics of Family, Cyber, Idols, Heritage and Identity

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Find attached the pdf and word files for the 3 first units that I have made for my students. It includes lots of vocabulary for every unit! The aim is that first students try to fill in as much as possible and then they use the dictionaries in class and work in groups to add the translation. Or you can set it for homework.

We use the lists almost every lesson and they do some minutes of silent revision of the column we are currently learning, practice testing and then I test them using the miniwhiteboards. At the end of the lesson I test them again using the miniwhiteboards. They also have the Memrise courses for every column.


  • Glossary---Las-tecnologias.docx
  • Glossary---Las-tecnologias.pdf
  • Glossary---Los-riesgos-de-las-tecnologias-(amended).docx
  • Glossary---Los-riesgos-de-las-tecnologias-(amended).pdf
  • Glossary---Social-networks.docx
  • Glossary---Social-networks.pdf
  • Glossary---Los-telefonos-moviles.docx
  • Glossary---Los-telefonos-moviles.pdf
  • Glossary----Los-cambios-en-la-familia.pdf
  • Glossary---Conflictos-en-las-familias.docx
  • Glossary---Conflictos-en-las-familias.pdf
  • Glossary---Los-cambios-en-la-familia.docx
  • Glossary---Cantantes-y-musicos.docx
  • Glossary---Cantantes-y-musicos.pdf
  • Glossary---Estrellas-de-TV-y-cine.docx
  • Glossary---Estrellas-de-TV-y-cine.pdf
  • Glossary_Models.docx
  • Glossary_Models.pdf
  • Glossary_Deportistas.docx
  • Glossary_Deportistas.pdf
  • Glossary-Tradiciones-y-costrumbres.pdf
  • Glossary-Tradiciones-y-costrumbres.docx
  • Glossary---La-gastronomia.pdf
  • Glossary---La-gastronomia.docx
  • Glossary_Languages.pdf
  • Glossary_Languages.docx
  • Glossary_Sitios-Turisticos.pdf
  • Glossary_Sitios-Turisticos.docx
  • Glossary_Arte-y-arquitectura.docx
  • Glossary_Arte-y-arquitectura.pdf
  • Glossary_Patrimonio-musical.pdf
  • Glossary_Patrimonio-musical.docx

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