Special Education / Autism Classroom Set Up Pack

This is a bundle of autism / spec ed resources from my store that will be great to help you set up your new autism / special education classroom or just to update it and introduce some new strategies. Each resource comes with instructions so you are able to implement them and use them in the best possible way in your classroom!

We use these within our classroom every year and they work wonders with our students, so I am able to personally recommend you these resources and know that you will find them just as helpful in your classroom!

This bundle includes;
♦ I Am Working For Board
This reward system is a great way to keep students focused and engaged on their task, they'll have a visual to show what they are working for and also how much more they have to do to achieve it!

♦ Good Morning Greeting Book
Have you ever found it so hard to get students ready in the mornings to start their work day? These Good Morning books are a great way to fix a morning routine to help ease your students into their day.

♦ Good Afternoon Greeting Book
Afternoons can be so crazy busy, especially if your students have been outside running around! Settling back down to do work can be a really difficult task, so these Good Afternoon books are a great way to help your students regain their focus and settle back into their work routine. Having this take place every afternoon will introduce a solid routine for your students and they will know what to expect.

♦ Year Round Editable Newsletters
If your classroom is as busy as any other Spec Ed class, then you'll find having time to keep families up to date with all the goings on can be really hard work! These editable newsletters are themed year round and can be so quick to put together. It also means that you can email AND print to send home to families just in case! It's a great way to add in little reminders too!

♦ Conversation Prompt Cards
It can be really hard for students to try and build conversations and relationships with others in their class. These conversation prompt cards are a great way to encourage students and help them think up new conversation ideas to help improve their social skills.

♦ Communication Book
If you have students who are non verbal or have limited speech then these communication books will be a great asset in your class. Once put together, they can be hung up or stored away in a place where the student is able to learn to independently get their book when needed. Having difficulties communicating can be a huge trigger for some students, so having this communication aide set up for them will be a huge help to them and can also help to improve their independence!

♦ Behavior/Behaviour Story
A lot of students learn best through visuals and stories. This visual story book is a great way to help students think about their behaviour/behavior and how it will affect others around them.

♦ Class Timeline/Schedule Cards
Transition and wondering what is coming next can be a huge burden for some students and get them very anxious. By providing a timeline of the day, students are able to visually see what is happening that day, what's coming next and what they can expect. It will reduce the 'unknown' for them and also the fear that comes with that.

♦ Supporting Autism & Spec Ed Walkthrough
This 66 page walkthrough is packed full of literally everything you can imagine to help make your class more suitable for the students. There are so many great ideas including visuals, reward systems, symbols, sensory toys, behaviour/behavior management, iPad apps and so much more.

♦ Home to School Liaison Book
The contact between Home/School is vital to help your students with their day to day life. It will keep both of you informed with how the student is doing and if there are any major things going on in their life at the moment. It will also help you to build a stronger relationship with those involved with the home life of the student. This will help you all work together to help the student get the most out of their life and to really help push and motivate them to achieve their best.

♦ Traffic Light Behaviour/Behavior Posters
This traffic light system has proved to be a big hit in many classrooms. You can set it up whichever way you like - it could be for behaviours/behaviors or noise levels etc. It's a great way for students to visually see what you are thinking and how the classroom/student are doing right now.

♦ First, Then Visual Boards & Symbols
This pack comes with a variety of different boards in 2 different levels as well as over 60 symbol cards! This is a great resource to help your students cope and to provide them with a visual of what is expected over a short period of time - also to encourage them should a 'choice' or 'reward' activity be coming up.

♦ Hitting / My Hands Social Story
This social story is a great read for students who may need some support with hitting. A lot of children hit others as a sign of frustration, anxiety, pain etc. - sometimes we may even find no explanation for why they are hitting but hopefully this social story will help reduce hitting behaviours.

♦ Biting / My Mouth Social Story
This social story is a great read for students who may need some support with biting. A lot of children bite others as a sign of frustration, anxiety, pain etc. - sometimes we may even find no explanation for why they are biting but hopefully this social story will help reduce biting behaviours.



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