SPECIAL EDUCATION x5 worksheets - LEAVE IT TO ME - independent thinking, processing, linking skills
LEAVE IT TO ME is a collection of FIVE free worksheets that can be used at any time with SEN students and are perfect as stand alone lessons or to complement existing programmes. This bundle of worksheets has FIVE quick and focused lessons that make students think about themselves, work independently and use literacy, numeracy, thinking and decision making skills. The worksheet bundle is filled with active learning tasks with excellent visual layout for supporting all types of SEN learners. Perfect as stand alone lessons or to complement existing programmes and can be delivered by any staff.

Worksheets included are: I Am What I Eat, I Like It Like This, Days & Months, Clean Me & Mine, If I Could ...

Other worksheet bundles are:
WORK IT OUT (x10 worksheets - Birthday Bingo, Sports Scramble, Sum It Up, Take It Away, Signs & Symbols, Mood Board, Count Me In, Making Music, Reading Recipes, Fitness Log)
LINK ME (x10 worksheets - Sensational Smoothies, Talk It Up, Travel It, Family Ties, ICE - In Case of Emergencies, It's All News, Colour Me Purple, Map It. Walk It., A Special Day, Techno Guru)
OUTSIDE THE BOX (x5 free worksheets - Hunt For It, Virtual Reality, Design & Model It, Experiment It, 101 Ways With ...)


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