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Are you looking for fun and engaging end of year science review activities? Squid Spiral Review STEM lesson will give your students opportunities to review vocabulary and concepts they learned earlier in the year. Your students will review Classification, Adaptations, Food Chain/Webs, and Basic Anatomy through the learning about fascinating Cephalopods! After your students have learned about cephalopods through short video clips, their interactive notebook and the PowerPoint, they will dissect a bait squid. The final project is to design their own squid to compete in “Squid Races”, while keeping in mind what they have learned about adaptations and jet propulsion. My 5th graders were very engaged and loved this lesson! I heard from both parents and teachers about how my students were talking about it out of class!
Vocabulary Reviewed:
Food web
Food chain
Internal Anatomy terms- gonads, brain, heart, ink sac, gills, pen, eye lens
External Anatomy terms- mantle, eye, siphon, arms, tentacles, sucker cups, chromatophores, fin, mouth, beak
Includes step by step directions as well as photos for the squid dissection and squid races. This is a great “first” dissection because there is no blood, and you can use bait squid. The bait squid are cheap and raised on a farm for bait. Since I work at an elementary school and we do not have dissecting equipment, I barrow dissecting scissors from our high school for the day of dissection.
Some math is included in the lessons; data is collected and converted (cm, mm) and speed(distance/time) can be calculated from the squid races. Student also convert verified length of a giant squid into yards and meters to “see” how long the Giant Squid really is.
For the engineering component students design their own squid and race them to see whose design travels the farthest or is the fastest.
This is a fun and engaging thematic unit lesson that your students will talk about for years to come!



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3 years ago

Really great and informative resource. The presentation is fantastic; bright, colourful and interesting. Thank you for sharing this resource!

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