Summer Block: Y2 Block 2 Efficient methods following overview of WRM

Section 2: revision slides. 105 slides all moving through a similar format: warm up (practicing basic fluency e.g. counting in tens), model (as shown in preview image) Note there may be one than one model and each objective has a blank model slide to enable teachers to adapt the resource easily to match their own teaching style, each ‘lesson’ finished with a ‘something to think about’ where the pitch is raised to a level similar to that towards the end of maths paper 1.

Section 1: teacher info, I have analysed the 2016-onwards test framework and the marks awarded in the previous two KS1 Arithmetic papers. This information is in the first 14 slides.

This resource has been created after following WRM and the CPA approach to mathematics over the past two years :)
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Created: Apr 14, 2018

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