This is a “Tarsia: Convince Me” activity on Factors, Multiples and Primes

Unlike standard Tarsia activities, here you only need to print out the solution (included on the PowerPoint), and students must:

1. Find (at least) 5 incorrectly matched up elements, convince you that each one is incorrect explaining the mistake that has been made, and then decide what the answer should have been

2. Replace the ? with the correct answer

3. Come up with a question to replace ?? that could give the answer. A selection of these questions can then be given to other students to use as a rich, challenging, pupil-created homework.

To access all my updated Tarsia jigsaw activities, including the Convince Me series, as well as teacher notes and more, please visit


  • 1.-Convince-Me---Factors--Mutliples--Primes.pptx
  • Factors--Multiples-and-Primes-(convince-me).fjsw

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5 Reviews

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    user avatarpspitza year agoreport

    I think we will really enjoy these once I get a handle on it. Thank you for the activities to get me started. I appreciate it.

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    user avatarbradstock2 years agoreport

    Great idea. Thanks

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    user avatarlizstone2 years agoreport

    Spent most of today looking for interesting maths tasks which would encourage talk so thank you! Never heard of Tarsia puzzles until today - sheltered life and all that!