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Are you tired of the same boring vocabulary activities? Do you feel that cooperative learning games are important in a successful classroom? Then this packet is exactly what you are looking for. The main objective of this packet is to make studying vocabulary interesting and to strengthen story comprehension.

The BFG Vocabulary Games and Activities contains 12 FUN lessons that focus on language skills such as using context clues, synonyms, antonyms, recognizing parts of speech and defining challenging and nonsense words.

Students will participate in three individual activities, five partner games and four whole class games.

Individual Learning Games
* Word Search: This relaxing classic is guaranteed to give your students great dictionary practice and have fun while searching for key words.
* Comic Strip: Grab those colored pencils or markers and let the creativity flow. Students create a comic strip that summarizes the chapter and incorporates important vocabulary.
* Roll a Word: Shake! Shake! Shake! The dice will determine if your students focus on guide words, pronunciation or parts of speech.

Partner Activities and Games
*Dominoes: Vocabulary Dominoes is simply the classic game of Dominoes, but with BFG vocabulary words on the dominoes instead of dots. Students make a domino train by matching the terms with definitions.
*Guess my Word: Spin the spinner and see where it lands. Practice vocabulary by rhyming words, acting or drawing a sketch.
*Cootie Catcher: Everyone loves Cootie Catchers! Cootie catchers are a fun origami craft that can also serve to teach your children vocabulary in a creative, hands-on way.
*Vocabulary Checkers: Sentences are important in this game. In order for a player to move a checker, the BFG word has to be used correctly in a sentence.
*Vocabulary Puzzles: Puzzles provide a quick and fun way for students to learn new words by matching definitions and synonyms.

Whole Class Vocabulary Games
*Vocab on the Move: It’s time to get up and move! Word work is much more exciting when the vocabulary word is placed on your forehead.
*I Have, Who Has?: The BFG speaks in an unusual way and often gets words confused. This game encourages students to use context clues to figure out what the BFG is saying.
*Heads Down, Vocab Up: Does your class love to play Heads Up, Seven Up? If so, then this game is perfect for your classroom. Heads Down, Vocab Up is a similar game, only using vocabulary cards
*The BFG Bingo: Who doesn't like the excitement of finding the last item on your Bingo card, jumping out of your seat, and shouting you won? Bingo is a tremendously fun game to play as a whole class and it helps practice vocabulary.

Happy Learning!

Renee Smalley


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