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These resources are designed to get students to understand properly the topic they are working on. The sets of worksheets include a lot of repetition and are useful for teaching a topic or revision . Some of my resources are at a very basic level and are written for older teenagers and adults. If you like my style please send me suggestions of topics that you would like to see a resource created for.

pdf, 1.7 MB
pdf, 1.7 MB

These ten worksheets guide students through the origin of the x² + y² = r² equation of a circle and use a variety of problems to reinforce their understanding of the equation and its uses. Tangents are also introduced as are the methods for finding points of intersection between lines and circles. There are plenty of reminders for solving simple quadratic equations like x² = 16 and also simultaneous equations where one equation is not linear.

Written for the GCSE 9-1 specs but the material is also useful for A-level C2 students. Some of the sheets are similar so one can be done in class and the other used for reinforcement. There are problem sheets to extend the most students. As ever, the aim with SKILLSHEETS is to encourage learners to think about what they are doing and use diagrams to help them understand the topic.

DfE reference for GCSE 9-1 A16, A9, A18, A19, A8, A10, N8, G9, G6, G17
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4 years ago

I love the way the worksheets are structured carefully so that children can learn and understand a bit at a time.<br />

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