The Evolution of Calpurnia Tate Unit w/ 12 lesson plans, PPT, and MORE!
If you’ve never read The Evolution of Calpurnia Tate (“EvCT”) by Jacqueline Kelly, you are in for a treat. My sixth graders love EvCT and I LOVE teaching it! It works well as a cross-curricular unit with science OR history- and the author’s voice is simply incredible.

71 pages + 91 PowerPoint slides = 162 page resource!

This product contains everything you need for a great unit and aligns with the Common Core State Standards.

This product includes:

TWELVE lessons, each with a worksheet (study guide) featuring vocabulary. Answer keys are included. Most lessons also include extra activities to supplement the lesson (For example, one chapter features a PALS activity, complete with instructions; another chapter features a figurative lesson worksheet and activity.). The lesson plans are grouped as:
1. EvCT Ch 1
2. EvCT Ch 2
3. EvCT Ch 3 4 5
4. EvCT Ch 6 7
5. EvCT Ch 8 9
6. EvCT Ch 10 11
7. EvCT Ch 12 13
8. EvCT Ch 14 15 16
9. EvCT Ch 17 18 19
10. EvCT Ch 20 21 22
11. EvCT Ch 23 24 25
12. EvCT Ch 26 27 28

EvCT POWERPOINT (90 slides) The PPT gives visual references for background information (pinafore, kerosene lamp, Wounded Knee Massacre, author background, etc.), discussion questions, Venn diagrams, exit tickets and much more. Students also get to guess the prices from the 1890’s (my students love this activity!)

EvCT Final Test (Answer Key included)

Bookmarks What student doesn't like a little gift? Packed with EvCT info (and vocab!), this bookmark is a handy "cheat sheet" to use with the worksheets ~and possibly the final test (IF the teacher allows it...).

This product also features several opportunities for figurative language practice (EvCT has a ton of figurative language: perfect for mini-lessons!) and a semi-colon study. Some worksheets (study guides) offer “challenge questions.” There are opportunities for differentiated learning. You can use challenge questions for students who are absent or as an activity for cooperative learning…). There are also suggestions for research.

PLUS- writing prompts!

This product is editable, if you prefer to customize any part.

Final test, writing prompts, and extra activities are included!

The Common Core Standards cited are for 6th grade, but other grades are largely interchangeable.

Recommended for grades 5-8, The Evolution of Calpurnia Tate is a 2010 Newbery Honor Book and the winner of the 2010 Bank Street - Josette Frank Award.

I spent over 100 hours on this product. I pride myself on creating a unit that offers user-friendly, thought-provoking lessons and creative activities.

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