The Pedometer Project
The Pedometer Project is a whole class project suitable for Primary 4 to Primary 7 classes (7 to 12 years old). It is recommended that a whole term is taken over this project in order to reinforce the skills learnt. This pack includes worksheets, teacher sheets and display sheets for the Pedometer Project and the additional, linked Energy and Activity lesson.

The aim of the project is to teach numeracy skills whilst promoting physical activity. Through daily practise, pupils will practice numeracy skills including:

* Understanding four and five digit numbers
* Adding four and five digit numbers
* Rounding numbers up and down
* Understanding measurement and converting between meters and kilometres
* Adding data to tables and charts

Each day the children wear pedometers throughout the school day, and each day they complete a table to record how many steps they have taken. They then work through steps to calculate the distance they have travelled over the week. Each day, they move their marker along a wall chart to mark their distance travelled. The project is highly motivating for children as the context is real for them. They will want to be able to read the number of steps they have taken each day and to complete the table to move their figure along the chart. They will want to understand their progress and that of their peers. The element of competition with a race to see who can take the most steps in a week, is also highly motivating for pupils.

The additional lesson, Energy and Activity, looks at the energy contained in different foods. Children use their pedometers to take the number of steps which would use the number of calories contained in each food. This leads to a discussion of when you might need a high or low energy snack.

In addition to developing the childrens’ numeracy skills, the pedometer project encourages children to think about their physical activity levels and the ways in which they could boost their physical activity.

Resources Included:
* Detailed notes for teachers for the Pedometer Project, with Scottish Curriculum For Excellence links.
* Detailed notes for teachers for the linked Energy and Activity lesson, with Scottish Curriculum For
Excellence links.
* Two display sheets.
* Five teacher sheets.
* Five worksheets.

Additional Resources Required:
* A class set of pedometers.
* A wall chart – instructions are provided for making this.
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  • Teacher-sheet-2-Energy-and-activity-card-sheets.pdf
  • Teacher-sheet-3-teacher-check-sheet.pdf
  • Teacher-sheet-4-high-to-low-energy.pdf
  • Teacher-sheet-5-creating-the-wall-chart.pdf
  • Worksheet-1-pupil-pedometer-agreement.pdf
  • Worksheet-2-pupil-figure-sheet.pdf
  • Worksheet-3-steps-and-distance-recording-sheet.pdf
  • Worksheet-4-500-steps-table.pdf
  • Worksheet-5-sorting-snacks-sheet.pdf

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