The Starter Generator: KS2 - 4(Ages 7-16) Starters

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This is a resource with 120 starters all in one place! The Starter Generator has enough starters for you to shake a stick at. All come with pictures to aid recall and enjoyment and are explained, often with examples. Nearly all are generic and can be used across subjects. Enjoy!

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The Starter Generator! Mark II

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CreatedAug 10, 2009
UpdatedDec 9, 2014

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    user avatarjessr935 months agoReport


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    user avatarHpea8 months agoReport

    Many variable resources that can be adapted to many lessons of variable topics and ages. thank you!

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    user avatarsilse38 months agoReport

    Surely I will take many ideas from these material. Thanks!

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    user avatarjedentaga year agoReport

    Thanks for this, there's a lot of good material to get pupils thinking.