The World News Crossword (June 18th, 2017)
This is a one-hour self-contained, informative, and very interesting lesson for students from about 10 years old to way older. It's even good fun to do during staff meetings. Get your department to compete the Maths department. (They're think they're so clever.) It's a pdf, so save it to a flash drive on your keyring and have a brilliant lesson in your pocket to use when a colleague is away sick.

What happened in the world last week? A forest fire in Portugal and an apartment building fire in London both killed more than 60 people. Britain's government seemed to be in chaos while the newly-formed party of France's newly-elected president won a landslide in France's parliamentary election. Theresa must feel so jealous. Greece received a bailout payment from the EU and then vetoed an EU statement condemning China's human rights record at the UN. (Seems a little ungrateful.) Mind you, the US president seemed to support the blockade of Qatar but then the US sold billions of dollars worth of fighter jets to Qatar. Climate change affected scientists in Canada's Hudson Bay and seemed to have allowed some new plant life and insect pests to flourish in the Antarctic. And while we're down there, historians discovered a 118-year-old painting of a dead bird. They were excited - historians!!

Why were these last week's news stories? What was their wider story?

There are THREE bonus crosswords attached to this week's puzzle.

I almost forgot - there's fear in France that a severe butter shortage will cause either a shortage of croissants, or a significant price increase. Sacred blue!
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