Thermal insulators & conductors

The properties of materials relate to their use as everyday objects such as spoons. Children test the insulating properties of various stirrers & discuss everyday uses of materials for thermal insulation or conduction. Look at diff meanings of word conductor. Suitable for Y4 pupils.


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  • I agree with the comment below. This lesson plan is incorrect, I will just be using the worksheet which is adequate.

  • asmaaniazy2 years agoReport

  • bertie15463 years agoReport

    The concepts being taught using this resource are incorrect. Chocolate melts because it has a low melting point, not because it's a poor insulator. A metal spoon is not a good insulator - it will get hot and burn your hand because it's a good conductor. It has a high melting point and that's why it's good for stirring tea. This is teaching children the wrong thing - don't use this lesson plan. The worksheet is good, though.

  • K.Hawkins3 years agoReport

    this was really good

  • lizzhall4 years agoReport

    Useful and comprehensive ideas and lesson plan.