Topic 3 - Acids Revision Guide GCSE

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This is a revision booklet aimed at the new 2016 Science GCSE.
It covers everything the students need to know about the Acids and Alkalis topic, including:
1. What are acids and alkalis in terms of ions
2. What is the effect of indicators
3. Strong, weak, dilute and concentrated Acids
4. The two Core Practicals
5. Naming Salts and Writing Balanced Equations
6. Preparing Pure salts from different reactants
7. Solubility Rules

It contains:
A. Outcomes for the GCSE,
B. Video links which contain information, questions and model answers,
C. Revision notes which have been written by myself, specifically for the course
D. Practice exam questions
E. Model answers

This is designed for Edexcel but covers all aspects of AQA and OCR Chemistry.


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Created: Jun 20, 2017

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