Who is it for?
This pack contains resources for use in a range of classroom settings. Each worksheet is differentiated to allow for use in a mixed ability classroom. As a guide, we would expect the work to extend higher ability learning at Key Stage 1, be accessible to most at Key Stage 2, and provide good consolidation material for Key Stage 3.

What is the topic?
This pack is a seasonal pack themed around Halloween. This aims to engage children by using symbols, themes and ideas that are of interest to them outside the school environment, and to link learning with their personal experiences at this time of year. Curriculum areas covered include multiplication/times tables, symmetry (both mirror and rotational), number patterns, data handling and problem solving.

What does the pack contain?
The pack contains five graded worksheets, each of which has differentiated activities and integrated assessment suggestions. The worksheets contain activities primarily aimed for use in numeracy or maths lessons, although the themed nature may make them suitable for tutorial time, homework activities or other lessons. Each worksheet has accompanying teacher notes and solutions for activities where appropriate. Each of the activities lends itself to open-ended investigation and further extension work as appropriate.


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  • TT01_PumpkinPower.pdf
  • TT02_SweetCharts.pdf
  • TT03_TrickOrTreating.pdf
  • TT04_SpookySymmetry.pdf
  • TT05_NumberWebs.pdf
  • TT01_TeacherNotes.pdf
  • TT02_TeacherNotes.pdf
  • TT03_TeacherNotes.pdf
  • TT04_TeacherNotes.pdf
  • TT05_TeacherNotes.pdf
  • TopiClubIntroduction.pdf
  • TT_Introduction.pdf
  • TT_Solutions.pdf

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