Linked to the defining vectors activity, using the vectors defined in the image to prove standard results like ratios of line segments, whether points lie on straight lines, etc. For extra challenge take out the image with the pre-defined vectors and add the image from my vector definition activity so that pupils have to define the vectors before using them. Answers can be found on the prezi at link


  • Vector-Proof.docx

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Created: Oct 12, 2015

Updated: Nov 17, 2015

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    user avatardanwalkera year agoreport

    Really useful, as it gets so much value out of one single sheet of paper! Thanks for sharing.

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    user avatarpinereach2 years agoreport

    Just what I needed as an extension activity and a nice plenary

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    Perfect for what I need for year 11 set 2

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    This looks like a great resource. Do you have the answers though?

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    user avatarluds2 years agoreport

    I really like this. Perfect for my class. Thank you very much for sharing.