A set of Venn diagram worksheets and a PowerPoint designed to put the 'students into a pit' and to work their own way out while making rapid progress within the lesson.


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    Thanks for this - good worksheets but why have you put levels on them?

    • user avatarfintansgirlReply from Author2 days ago

      This worksheet was made before "life without levels"

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    user avatarbadger55152 months agoreport

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    user avatarabbycarroll2 months agoreport

    Really good resource... but i think there are mistakes on the final pages of the worksheets.
    on the green and amber sheets the intersection between each pair should just have the number and not -x aswell, as the question says for example: "25 people visited Barbados and Antigua only" on the easiest sheet.
    The other two sheets then need the word only added in order to make it possible for this to work.

    Do let me know if i am wrong but pretty sure it cant work if its 25-x etc...

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    user avatarbobart3 months agoreport

    Excellent, thank you

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    user avatarmdunn6463 months agoreport

    Brilliant Resource. Clear objective and introduction to Venn DIagrams. Thank you