Useful end of topic summary test + answers. Complete with marking grid to give students easy to read feedback, tips for improvement and extension work.

Great for showing comprehension, then progress if students are given time to make correction or attempt the extension based on teacher feedback.

In this test:

Identifying values from a Venn diagram
Using Venn diagrams to find LCM and HCF
Using Venn diagrams to solve probability problems
Populating and using Venn diagrams in probability
Shading regions in Venn Diagrams
Identifying shaded regions in Venn Diagrams

Lots of other topics and levels available.


 Worry free guarantee
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  • Venn-Diagrams---H---Test-1---Marking-Grid.docx
  • Venn-Diagrams---H---Test-1---ANSWERS.docx

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