Visual Supports for Autism: Communication and Behavior
Visual Supports for Autism: Communication and Behavior. This resource is a GREAT support for students with autism and other special need students. Use them at school or at home.

These Visual Supports for Autism: Communication and Behavior includes:
-My School Day (subjects, emotions, and questions)
-Notes from the home/my weekend
-Choice board
-Social Story (The Teacher is Teaching)

Visual Supports included:
-worried, pencil and paper, night before, listen to teacher, watch others, take deep breath, books, practice, think, listen, count, note-taking, lunch, match ideas. attention, think about, solution, brain turned on, shoes and clothing, hands still, try another plan, sit in your chair, fold hands, take a deep breath, count to 3, show me, happy again, ready to work, feet on floor, quiet hands, look at teacher, I'm ready to work, sit on floor, fold hands, look, listen, quiet, I get tickled, I hear a joke, I'm happy and excited, for no reason; just because, I made a silly mistake, I watch a funny show, I get tricked, someone plays a joke on me, now you think of one..., Hi, Bye, How are you?, I'm fine, please, thank you, excuse me, sorry, what's your name?, nice to meet you, can I play?, I'm having fun, see you later, what's new with you, guess what?, and more...

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This is intended for use by one teacher in one classroom. It is not to be redistributed to an entire school or district. It may not be redistributed or sold online.


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