Series of #flippedlearning videos and worksheets to be used as homeworks or revision tools on Votes for Women and the Suffrage Movement from 1890-1918.

These resources are designed to be used outside the classroom by students so they have a good understanding of the key issues BEFORE they enter your classroom so you can focus on higher order thinking skills.

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  • 1.--What-was-the-position-of-women-in-Britain-in-1890.mp4
  • 1.--What-was-it-like-to-be-a-woman-in-1890-Britain.docx
  • 2.--What-were-the-main-arguments-for-and-against-votes-for-women-Part-1.mp4
  • 2.--What-were-the-arguments-for-and-against-votes-for-women-Part-2.mp4
  • 2.--What-were-the-main-arguments-for-and-against-votes-for-women.docx
  • 3.--Who-were-the-main-groups-campaigning-for-women's-suffrage.mp4
  • 3.--Who-were-the-main-campaigners-for-women's-suffrage.docx
  • 4.--What-were-the-main-methods-used-to-get-the-vote.mp4
  • 4.--What-were-the-main-methods-used-to-get-the-vote.docx
  • 5.--What-was-the-reaction-to-the-campaigns.docx
  • 6.--How-did-women-get-the-vote.mp4
  • 6.--How-did-women-get-the-vote.docx
  • 7.--Why-did-women-get-the-vote-in-1918.mp4
  • 7.--Why-did-women-get-the-vote-in-1918.docx
  • 5.--What-was-the-reaction-to-the-campaigns.mp4

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