Winter Math Goofy Glyph (6th Grade Common Core)
Winter Math Goofy Glyph is an activity where students can hone their abilities in mathematics while putting together a fun art project that you can showcase on your classroom wall. Whether your students answer the questions right or wrong will dictate the way their glyphs look in this potentially silly glyph. They will end up with a snowman or a seriously silly snowman with robot arms! The math problems are designed for children in 6th grade and are aligned with the Common Core standards for the sixth grade.

The Common Core standard covered:
6.NS.2 - division
6.NS.3 - addition, subtraction and multiplication of decimals

At the back of this booklet are templates that your students can use to help design their glyphs; otherwise, they can choose to create their own artwork.

Also, at the back of a book is a graph that you can use to visually see how the students all view different questions from the glyph.

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All artwork is original and created by myself.

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