Writing a News Report

Powerpoint that outlines an activity where one group of children (newsroom based reporters) first watch a short news item (the Japan earthquake March 2011) then have to retell details to another group (reporters on location) to enable them to 'go live' with a news report which they share in front of the class or another small group. After that they go on to write their own news report and publish in Fodey - a newspaper clipping generator. Haven't tried this out yet - writing for next week!


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  • mallapu3 months agoReport

  • I can't seem to open this, even though i have the correct version of PPT, would you be able to email it to me? lauren_west1987@yahoo.co.uk? Thank you!

  • minap-20124 years agoReport

    Useful powerpoint to support teaching input.

  • HeatherT284 years agoReport

    A useful powerpoint showing the different parts of news paper articles