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WW1 Topic Planning over 7 weeks worth of work with website links and lovely ideas for Upper KS2. Resources include links to topic writing and have a real focus on the commemoration of WW1. Taken straight from my own planning but is in Word format so can be edited to suit your class.

L.C – Can I research the causes of the First World War?
L.C – Can I imagine what it would have been like to live in a WW1 trench?
L.C – Can I recall famous events from WW1?
L.C – Can I name some of the shelters used during WW1?
L.C – Can I understand what ‘propaganda’ is and how it can be used to influence public opinion?
L.C – Can I explain what ‘rationing’ is and why it was introduced in WW1?
L.C - Can I explain where British food came from at the time of WW1?
L.C - Can I describe how these food sources compare to today?
L.C – Can I explain how and when the war ended?
L.C - Can I explain why it is important that we should remember the soldiers who died?



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