Hello again, Block 3, Shape for Year 1. Planning and resources for the whole of Block 3, 5 lessons with Activprimary and Smartboard flips. I hope you find them useful and it saves you some time. Thank you for your interest.


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  • planning-Wk-1-shape-and-space.docx
  • session-1-recording-sheet.docx
  • session-1-green-challenge.docx
  • session-1-3D-shape-names.docx
  • session-2-green-challenge.docx
  • session-3-naming-2D-shapes.docx
  • session-3-green-challenge.docx
  • session-3-2D-shape-names.docx
  • session-4-green-challenge.docx
  • Block-3-Shape.flipchart
  • Block-3-shape.notebook

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3 Reviews

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    user avataralipabs5 days agoreport

    Hi there, the planning looks great but I am having a problem accessing the notebook and flipchart. Can you resend to me please so I can access in adobe.Many thanks. It is telling me that it is damaged on sending?? Many thanks

    • user avatartg11Reply from Author5 days ago

      Hello. I am really pleased that the planning will be useful to you. I have just downloaded the Smartboard notebook and Activprimary flip and they both open for me. Do you have Smartboard and/or Promethean Activprimary software of the device you are trying to open them on? They won't open if you don't. If you do have the software installed then please contact tes support. I will convert them to adobe PDF and upload them but they won't be interactive. I would love to hear more from you on this.

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    user avatarbethhoz8 days agoreport

    This is the first time I've bought a resource and I am so pleased. Great planning with lots of resources. Thanks for saving me some time this weekend!

    • user avatartg11Reply from Author8 days ago

      I am so pleased that you found it helpful and that it will save you time. That was the whole point of sharing these.

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    Thank you very much for all your planning - you are saving our year group starting White Rose for the first time! A Foundation member of staff has been to see me, you don't know of any White Rose planning for FS do you? Thanks Mikaela

    • user avatartg11Reply from Author8 days ago

      Hello. I am so pleased that it is helping. I have only seen the old White Rose Reception planning from last year, which you may already have. It has an overview and a termly breakdown but no planning as such. I don't know if this will help but here is one link to it as I couldn't find it on here. http://www.arretoncepri.iow.sch.uk/Reception%20Mastery%20Term%20by%20Term%20Overview%20(1).pdf