Year 1 - Place Value - Week 1 - Sorting, Counting and Representing Objects

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A weeks worth of resources on place value that link directly to the White Rose Maths small steps breakdown.  

This is pack 1 of 4 on Year 1 place value and covers the small steps Sort Objects, Count Objects and Represent Objects.  The resources take inspiration from the White Rose Maths scheme of learning and aims to help children gain a deeper understanding of the concepts covered in the first week.  Numbers are represented in a variety of ways and lend themselves well for use alongside concrete manipulatives such as place value counters and Base 10.

The resources include pictorial and abstract representations as well as reasoning and problem solving activities and more open ended problems to support and extend your whole class.

I hope you find them useful.


  • Answers.pdf
  • Contextual-Sheet-Pack-1.pdf
  • Counting-and-Representing-Objects-Problem-Cards.pdf
  • Counting-Objects.pdf
  • Representing-Objects.pdf
  • Sorting-Objects-Activity.pdf
  • Sorting-Objects.pdf

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    user avatarpilko14 days agoreport

    Great time saver for activities after the concrete stage - thanks

    • user avatarMKConnollyReply from Author13 days ago

      Glad you're pleased with them!

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    Thanks for sharing this - it's great! Will you be creating more of these for each unit?

    • user avatarMKConnollyReply from Author16 days ago

      Glad you like it! Week 2 is already available, but if you hold on a little weeks 1-4 will be available in a bundle at a discounted price later tonight.

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    user avatartg1119 days agoreport

    These are wonderful, a great interpretation of the White Rose guidance, though I am concerned some teachers may forget to use practical resources too and just use the pictures, which wouldn't be your fault. For this reason I really like the sorting cards that the children can move around and sort/group their own way. Still great though. Thank you.

    • user avatarMKConnollyReply from Author19 days ago

      Thank you for your comment. I am going to include a hands on activity in every pack. I agree with you that it's important students use concrete manipulatives. Hopefully, as these run alongside WR schemes and they put a lot of emphasis on concrete, teachers will use these alongside the the materials and let students experiment with those and make connections between the concrete and the pictorial.

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    Thank you for publishing your resource. It has been selected to be featured in a post on the Tes Resources blog.

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    user avatarEllie579220 days agoreport