Year 2 - Measurement - Length and Height - Week 11 - Spring - Block 5 - White Rose
This pack covers Year 2 - Measurement: Length and height (Block 5 - week 11).

It covers the small steps:

• Measure length (cm)
• Measure length (m)
• Compare lengths
• Order lengths
• Four operations with lengths

The resources in this pack listed below include worksheets and activities along with answers for each pack:

• Worksheets - Measure length (cm)
• Worksheets - Measure length (m)
• Activity - Sorting cards - Smaller/ bigger than a metre
• Worksheets -Compare lengths
• Worksheets -Order lengths
• Worksheets -Four operations with lengths
• Board Game -Operations with lengths
• Contextual planning sheet for the block

IMPORTANT: PDF format - must set print option to fit to ensure accurate scaling regarding packs that require children to measure lengths with a ruler.

The resources support a mastery approach to encourage a deeper understanding of the topics taught. It follows a CPA (Concrete, Pictorial, Abstract) approach to ensure all children can access learning. The pack provides pictorial and abstract representations, along with reasoning, problem solving and open-ended investigations. Details of this can be seen in the contextual overview provided.

I hope you find them useful. If you have any questions, please email


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  • Year-2---WORKSHEETS---Measuring-Length-in-m---Length-and-Height.pdf
  • Year-2---WORKSHEETS---Using-Four-Operations-with-length---Length-and-Height.pdf
  • Year-2---ANSWERS---Compare-lengths-m-cm---Length-and-Height.pdf
  • Year-2---ANSWERS---Measuring-Length-in-cm---Length-and-Height.pdf
  • Year-2---ANSWERS---Measuring-Length-in-m---Length-and-Height.pdf
  • Year-2---ANSWERS---Ordering-lengths-m-cm---Length-and-Height.pdf
  • Year-2---ANSWERS---Using-Four-Operations-with-length---Length-and-Height.pdf

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