2 weeks of plans, and worksheets based on the new framework for Year 4


  • Spring_Literacy_Plans_Week_10-ex.doc
  • features-_lesson_1.doc
  • comp_qus_-_lesson_2.doc
  • G4W_28-human_sentences.doc
  • Spring_Literacy_Plans_Week_11-ex.doc
  • lesson_2,_week_11_template.doc

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24 Reviews

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    user avataranon79184 years agoreport

    The Shirt Machine was an excellent resource which inspired my Year 4 class. Although it was based upon explanation it provided the opportunity to write for various different purposes e.g. letter. We also made origami shirts, designed them and for home learning we asked the children to design their own shirt and make a model of the machine. The film also provided opportunities to explore onomatopoei as the machine made such weird noises. I read a poem from 'Noisy poems' to the class about a machine. they created their own poems using onomatopoeia. Although the teacher's plans were very good I adapted them to suit the needs of my class. Thankyou for such an excellent resource. from Rona Year 4 teacher

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    user avatargaa5 years agoreport

    Thank you - a great start to my planning for y4 explanation writing.

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    user avatarmlclaret5 years agoreport

    Thanks for this resource - it has saved me so much time!

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    Used this as a starting point to plan an observed lesson. Got really good comments so thank you.

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    user avatarlilirenton6 years agoreport

    Thanks for sharing!