Year 4 Math Program: Patterns & Algebra, Volume & Capacity, 3D Shape, Area
Year 4, Stage 2
A comprehensive teaching and learning program with resources, and assessment

Mathematics Australian & New South Wales Curriculum

› MA2 1WM uses appropriate terminology to describe, and symbols to represent, mathematical ideas
› MA2 2WM selects and uses appropriate mental or written strategies, or technology, to solve problems
› MA2 3WM checks the accuracy of a statement and explains the reasoning used
› MA2 8NA generalises properties of odd and even numbers, generates number patterns, and completes simple number sentences by calculating missing values
› MA2 10MG measures, records, compares and estimates areas using square centimetres and square metres
› MA2 11MG measures, records, compares and estimates volumes and capacities using litres, millilitres and cubic centimetres
› MA2 14MG makes, compares, sketches and names three-dimensional objects, including prisms, pyramids, cylinders, cones and spheres, and describes their features

*Whole Term Mathematics Program
*3 Level Differentiation
*Modified Worksheets
*Assessment Tasks - Quizzes, Tests

-3D Shape

Individual Topic, Overall Topic Assessment task and quizzes

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