Year 7 Food Technology Course (33 page workbook)

An introductory workbook scheme for Year 7 students who are new to Food Technology. The workbook guides students through the fundamentals of health, hygiene, safety, use of equipment, nutrition, sensory testing and design of a product. Included are recipes for lemonade, fruit salad and coleslaw which allow students to explore a range of equipment and ingredients. A design task involves students planning, making and evaluating a pasta salad.

Page 1&2: Targets & Assessments - (Pages for students and teachers to assess learning and set targets)
Page 3: Hygiene and Safety Rules of the Food Technology Area
Page 4: Safety Rules for A Safe Kitchen - (worksheet)
Page 5: Food Hygiene - (worksheet)
Page 6&7: Washing & tidying up (worksheet)
Page 8: Kitchen Equipment (worksheet)
Page 9: Health and Safety rules
Page 10&11: Cookers and Hobs (worksheets)
Page 12: Lemonade
Page 13: Health plate
Page 14: Health plate (worksheet)
Page 15&16: Healthy Eating (worksheets)
Page 17: Vitamins and Minerals worksheet
Page 18: Recipe for fruit salad
Page 19&20: Nutrition test
Page 21-23: Food sensory testing (worksheets)
Page 24: Coleslaw recipe
Page 25: Sensory testing of coleslaw made by two different methods (worksheet)
Page 26: Designing an pasta salad (worksheet)
Page 27: Pasta salad design specification (worksheet)
Page 28: Pasta salad ideas (sketch page)
Page 29: Pasta salad design (sketch page)
Page 30: Planning the salad (flowchart worksheet)
Page 31: Pasta salad evaluation (worksheet)
Page 32: Packaging design (sketch page)
Page 33: Sensory evaluation of pasta salad (worksheet)
Page 34: Personal evaluation of the course (worksheet)

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