Author on Tes: Teaching science concepts for low ability students

Lauren Mates
25th June 2018

Free resource sharer Lauren Mates, discusses how she creates resources to help get key concepts across to low ability students in her science classroom.


What do you enjoy the most about teaching?

I’m currently in my third year of teaching chemistry. What I enjoy most about teaching is the interaction with my students and getting them engaged in science. I love giving them a context and teaching them how science plays a part in everyday life. This always sparks discussions and questions about everything, making students want to learn and gain more knowledge themselves. That’s the aim of a teacher I think; to put that fire in them, to make them want to go and research and explore subjects independently.


What are the benefits of collaborating with other teachers?

Sharing resources is incredibly important as it allows teachers to collaborate to create the perfect lessons. This has become ever more important since the change to 9-1. I’ve found the new content quite daunting as there’s so much to cover. Seeing other teachers uploading their resources of such a high standard has helped me greatly. It’s given me the inspiration and drive to share my own materials in the hope that I’ve also made something another teacher is looking for.


Which resource are you most proud of?

I’m most proud of my Treating wastewater resource which is a flow diagram for low ability learners studying the AQA trilogy 9-1. I made this resource for my year 11 class who struggle to remember the process. The simple pictures and order help them associate the words with each step. I’ve included prompts for keywords too. I’m also quite proud of my Rates of reaction resource for the AQA trilogy course. These lessons are kept quite simple to get the key content across in a short space of time. The three lessons can be taught in one lesson, depending on the ability of your group.


What are your top tip/s for creating engaging resources?

My top tip for planning engaging resources is to keep it simple, colourful and straight to the point.


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AQA trilogy 9-1 - Treating waste water - Picture flow diagram Low ability

Pictures and words missing flow diagram.

I use this with my low ability year 11s to try and get them to remember the process of treating waste water.
By laurenmates

AQA triology C8.3-5 - Rates of reaction

C8.3 - Effect of temp
C8.4 - Effect of concentraiton or pressure
C8.5 - Effect of temperature

Small lessons and content taken straight from specification.
By laurenmates

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