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Right now educators across the world are looking for resources to help them teach English, Maths and all primary subjects. And the most wanted resources for secondary in November include:

: A Christmas Carol, Macbeth, Romeo & Juliet, comprehension
Maths: fractions, percentages, substitution, solving equations, algebra, time, angles, ratio, probability
Bullying and anti-bullying

: poetry, comprehension, grammar, persuasive writing, creative writing, punctuation
Maths: probability, fractions, volume, angles, time, problem solving, measurement, Christmas maths, trigonometry, statistics
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 A Christmas Carol, Romeo & Juliet, persuasive writing, grammar revision, poetry
Maths: fractions, multiplication, probability, 2D shapes, number bonds, line of best fit, distance time graphs
French: passe compose, imparfait, la famille, les vetements, French numbers
Spanish: la familia, la ropa

Our featured authors: Jamie, Mael, Mike, Nicky & Sofie.

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Apples of Gold

For full-time primary teacher Ann, creating resources is a labour of love and sharing her resources has increased her desire to make lessons fun for kids. Using her creativity and knowledge to help the teaching community makes her feel great.

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Peter is passionate about making secondary science resources that encourage hands-on learning and help students to develop their thinking skills, while offering teachers a chance to refine and personalise the resources for their classes.

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Geography genius Helen discovered Tes when she was looking for ways to share her resources. Watching them be downloaded gives her a real boost. Next she wants to publish her science and maths resources to save other teachers time.

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