English: Best reviewed KS3 units of work

Five of the top-rated schemes of work for KS3 learners

Nicola Davison

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With the holidays just around the corner, it's time to start thinking about getting organised for next half term. To help make this as painless as possible, we’ve brought together some of the best reviewed schemes of work, including example comments from grateful users, to inspire a love of English in your KS3 pupils.

Skellig, by David Almondwith 206 reviews

What’s included? Approximately 30 lessons with supporting resources, including activities on book covers, emotive language and creating tension.

Users say… One of the most useful things I've found on TES! I'm halfway through teaching this scheme and love it. It's been such a time-saver so thank you for sharing! (bexbabe77)

Kensuke’s Kingdom, by Michael Morpurgo with 59 reviews

What’s included? A detailed lesson overview document, a PowerPoint presentation containing activity ideas for each of the 13 lessons and relevant extension tasks.

Users say… Delighted with the obvious hard work and care that has gone into this much-appreciated resource. Many thanks and keep up the hard work (mickyla)

Writing to persuade, argue and advisewith 25 reviews

What’s included? Differentiated resources to support the teaching of persuasive writing and presentational devices using leaflets and theme parks as stimuli.

Users say… An exceptional resource. I have to admit, I find most online resources to just be a single picture or two, with little expansion. This is a very developed, detailed unit with a wide range of activities. Thank you very much for sharing (arroncooper)

Have you created any outstanding units of work for KS3 English? Share them on TES and let us know!