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Nicola Davison
06th June 2017
books used during English project for secondary class

Rich project ideas to keep classes motivated and practising key skills until the end of term

With internal examinations out of the way, this half term is the perfect time for students to put everything they’ve learnt this year in a more creative context. Whether you’re looking for lessons exploring genres that aren't on the syllabus or a longer-term unit requiring them to make use of a variety of different skills, we’ve got you covered.

KS3 resources

Go back to basics by exploring etymology and the history of the English language, including slang, with a sequence of lessons based around this fascinating workbook. Or, take a cross-curricular approach with this fully resourced project, which requires students to use both literacy and numeracy skills to design a school according to a brief.  

Alternatively, encourage pupils to pool their talents to imagine, create and promote an island destination to their peers in this week-long task. In a similar vein, this media-focused project sees groups collaborating on the production of a brand new magazine.

Etymology Booklet: History of English

A booklet of etymology resources comprising a 7-8 lesson sequence. BE AWARE you will need to make flash cards with the word roots and meanings of your choice. Covers the history of English, Greek and Latin roots, Slang, Onomastics, Accent/Dialect and includes a Language Autobiography assignment.
By a.k.hughes

KS3 Fun Literacy Project

This is a unit of work I created which is so much fun and engages EVERY child in literacy tasks. The project is to design their own school.

Every Writing Triplet
Language of the Media
2 Spoken Language Tasks
Familiarization with the Writing AFs
Cross-Curricular with Maths, Design and Media

It includes:
-Full Scheme of Work
-Activities for floor planning, employment, purchasing and marketing
-Instructions and worksheets for ALL activities and homework
-Marking requirements for activities

1. Floor plans need to be printed on A3 paper
2. Purchasing Booklet needs to be printed on both sides, flipped on the long edge so it creates the booklet form.
By hollymc85

Year 7 Island Project

This is very summery - ideal for the last week of term. It is based around group work and pupils being effective participators and creative thinkers, working together to create something really special. I got the idea from something on Teachit, but simplified and *hopefully* improved it, aiming it at lower ability pupils.

By emma_stuart

Planning a Magazine Project: English and Media

Students create a magazine in groups, using this step-by-step guide and checklists to help them. A detailed overview of the project.
By Tes English

KS4 and post-16 resources

Generate interest in poetry by making links to contemporary artists, such as Eminem and Benjamin Zephaniah, in this short, multi-cultural unit. Equally, tap into popular TV culture with this adaptable group project, in which learners plan, film and pitch an advert to the class.

Why not take the chance to help learners to develop other important skills? Explore the theme of capital punishment, and the story of Ruth Ellis, through drama using these thought-provoking resources as a starting point. Or, allow A-level students to think outside of the box with this creative-writing project, which sees them become editors of their own publication.

Multi-Cultural Poetry Scheme (4/5 week)

English: Multi-Cultural Poetry short scheme for 4-5 weeks using modern influences such as Zephaniah, Billy Bragg & Eminem. Sample poems included and background info (biogs). For upper KS3/4

By trinsk

TV ADVERT group project

Groups are expected to first plan (on a story board), then produce a filmed TV Ad, after which they will 'pitch' it to the class and teacher - as if they were an advertisement company. You may want to edit some of the time factors and think of a rigid structure with a set number of days for class time preparation. I hope this is a lot of fun :) This requires a lesson plan to really get going, and a few, or more, interesting youtube ad videos. Try give a good introduction in the first lesson, and group effectively, so that their inspiration and imagination are peaked.
By Timbruyns

Ruth Ellis Drama project

Some resources for a drama project based around the Ruth Ellis story and the theme of capital punishment
By stuliet

A-Level Creative Writing - Magazine Project

Made for KS5 Creative Writing, but can very easily be adapted to all year groups.

With analysis of the language and presentational features of non-fiction texts, students also complete their own in each form:
- Interview
- Advert
- Review
- Argue a current issue
- Agony Aunt Page
- Front Cover
- Analytical commentary on all
By sarahmeredith

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