English class project ideas

Make the most of lessons with these engaging English projects, covering a range of genres and key skills

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Project ideas to keep classes motivated and practising key skills

Whether you're looking for resources to start or end the term or finish a unit of work, English projects offer students an opportunity to work creatively whilst consolidating everything they have learned so far. We have selected a range of project based resources which are sure to keep your secondary students involved. Looking for more secondary English resources? Take a look at our English collection.

Creative English projects 

At the start of a term or nearing the end of one, creative English projects are a good way for students to focus on one piece of work over a period of time. From putting together your own magazine to creating a TV advert or pitching a business idea, these resources allow your students to explore and demonstrate a range of English language and literary techniques in the classroom.

Etymology Booklet: History of English

Etymology Booklet: History of English

A booklet of etymology resources comprising a 7-8 lesson sequence. BE AWARE you will need to make flash cards with the word roots and meanings of your choice. Covers the history of English, Greek and Latin roots, Slang, Onomastics, Accent/Dialect and includes a Language Autobiography assignment.
Year 7 Island Project

Year 7 Island Project

This is very summery - ideal for the last week of term. It is based around group work and pupils being effective participators and creative thinkers, working together to create something really special. I got the idea from something on Teachit, but simplified and \*hopefully\* improved it, aiming it...
Designing a Dystopia - Project Booklet

Designing a Dystopia - Project Booklet

This resource was designed for a mixed ability year 10 class during a unit of work on the dystopian genre. I used it towards the end of the term, but it could also be used at the start of a unit to help students develop ideas for their own dystopian pieces of writing.