English: Your start-of-term toolkit

Nicola Davison
24th August 2018
Tools to help English teachers get ready for the new school year

Planning staples to ensure you are fully prepared for the start of the academic year

We’ve already helped you to fill your display boards and to identify some of the top resources in line with the new GCSE and A-level specifications. So, what else could we possibly have to offer you for the start of the new year? These engaging starter and plenary ideas and hand-picked introductory lessons will complete your English teaching toolkit and ensure that the first week back is as smooth as possible.

Starters and plenaries

Lots of Drama Starters : Full instructions

Detailed drama starters, helpful for instructing non-specialists
By singing_steph

Never Had To Make A Plenary Again With This Easy And Engaging Plenary.ppt

Pupils choose one of 9 questions in a fun and easy to tailor to a topic, interactive PowerPoint presentation. Quick, easy, fun and effective way to engage pupils and assess learning.
By lordturner

Introductory lessons

Year 7 SOW Autobiography - Transition

Power points to support a short Autobiography SOW I adapted from a scheme on TES. Lesson 1 is missing as it's school specific. I&'ll try to upload the resources to go with each lesson too, but they&';re easily adaptable and the extracts referred to are from Dahl, Morpurgo and Steve Irwin.
By hayley_clews

An Inspector Calls Context Lesson

This is based as the first two lessons of a SOW for An Inspector Calls. There are 5 detailed A3 sheets and some additional A4 sheets with a range of sources for each area of context. There is a supporting ppt. also. I put students into 5 groups and each looked at an area of context. Students can feedback to the class and there is a supporting ppt. and sheets for students to fill in. There is also a sheet so students can review group work from the previous lesson. Videos: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6Svz8_dyhok http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=J7OHthxcR1c
By jwaller4

KS4/5 Introduction to Dystopia

An introduction to the Dystopian genre including its history and main features with links to The Handmaid's Tale as a method of preparation for study of The Handmaid's Tale for A Level English Literature. Could also be used as a general introduction to texts such as 1984, Maze Runner, The Hunger Games, Brave New World etc.
By Rose Thornett

Reading skills KS4

A good way of practising close reading skills.. these resources are: 1. a selection of openings to novels; can be used in a number of ways.. with frameworks to develop close reading skills, dicussion, when beginning a novel with a particular effective opening. 2. powerpoint for reading lesson; memory game starter included and circuit training activity complete with self timer built in- open it to see! 3. extracts to be used in activity explained in powerpoint… works a treat, i promise!

By Miss_s_k

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