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OSTERN Children reading /writing, German easter worksheets, colours, vocab,easter activities Germany

OSTERN Children reading /writing, German easter worksheets, colours, vocab,easter activities Germany

***OSTERN in Deutschland **** 10 pages full of fun reading and writing activities German easter worksheets for beginners vocab: colors,family,holiday,animals Die Kinder lesen erste leichte Texte und üben die wichtigsten Wörter zum Thema Ostern. Es sind 10 Seiten voll mit schönen Übungen. Wortschatz: Ostern, Tiere, Familie, Farben ❤️ About me ❤️ Hi there 👋🏼! I´m Cindy from Leipzig, Germany. I have been a German and English teacher for more than 12 years now. And I love coffee breaks ☕️. Coffee is just great. Over the years I have realized how much my students benefit most from lessons where THEY are the leaders, where THEY are encouraged to be proactive and learn from each other. Handing over the reins to my students doesn’t make me weaker as a teacher. It makes them responsible for their own learning and is highly motivating. I don’t want my students to be sailors. I want them to be CAPTAINS! (And I want coffee!) My teaching resources are all designed to enable students to USE the language. This is why you will always find the communicative approach in my resources - even simple crosswords come with ideas for speaking activities. All of my resources have been tested in class and will be updated regularly. Please rate my resources to help me build a reputation among millions of resources. Thanks for working with me ☺️ Cindy ❤️ Please see my other resources, too: [https://www.tes.com/teaching-resources/shop/CindyKuehne]
Writing Practice in Collaboration with native German speakers or teacher/mentors

Writing Practice in Collaboration with native German speakers or teacher/mentors

Students often retain the effects of correction better when they make changes themselves. If they can do this under guidance from an expert helper, such as their teacher, mentor or foreign penfriend, so much the better. This writing activity is designed to work in the browser of any computer, iPad or tablet Teachers assign something they would like their students to write (they can create their own title if desired). It could be a sentence or two, an email, a letter or a full composition. The teacher tells their students to write their text at https://schoolshape.com/write. (If practising a foreign language accents are on the keyboard provided on tablets) The students write their text in the space. The students click the ‘send’ button and enter their expert helper’s email address. In the expert helper’s email inbox will be a message stating the name of the student and a link to their work. The expert helper will be able to make corrections to any orthographical mistakes in the work. The student will immediately see some red underlinings in his/her writing. The student will not see the corrected answer, but will have an opportunity to correct the work by following some hints generated by the system. At the foot of the student’s assignment there is a continuously updated record of the accuracy of his/her writing. You will notice that - when using the integrated keyboard on tablets, it will throw up useful options for foreign accents, making it quick and easy for students to input foreign language written assignments. - pasting text in from elsewhere has been disabled, thus discouraging plagiarism. - there is a built in inductive learning procedure. When work has been corrected by the teacher (or expert mentor, such as a penfriend), the student's work on the same assignment continues ... they can improve their percentage accuracy (displayed on their work) by following an automatic hint system guiding them towards the correct answer. Equipment required This browser activity is available on computers, tablets, iPads and smartphones. It could be done ‘live’ in class or as a homework assignment, or both.