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Halloween worksheets in Spanish.

Halloween worksheets in Spanish.

8 Assorted differentiated Halloween worksheets in Spanish, that include handwriting, word recognition, copying words, matching pictures with initial sound & words and reading tasks. The worksheets are very simple presented to help students to feel confident, build their knowledge step by step and providing further challenges.
Feliz Navidad Colouring Page

Feliz Navidad Colouring Page

A Christmas colouring activity to get your class into the festive spirit. Feliz Navidad. Perfect for the days when it is too cold to play outside at break. Could also be used as inspiration for writing a story or explore other cultures at Christmas time. Follow my educational videos on YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/c/sarahrowssolo Sign up for a free Skype in the Classroom session as I prepare for my Great British Viking Quest solo row around Great Britain in summer 2017: https://education.microsoft.com/vikingquest