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Art Sandwich

Art Sandwich

This is a worksheet is designed for a group of BTEC level 1 learners - on the BTEC Level 1 Art and Design course. Teachers can use this lesson in BTEC Level 1 Art an Design Award/Certificate/Diploma
POP ART Annotation Worksheets  / Analysis Support

POP ART Annotation Worksheets / Analysis Support

2 x worksheets one for Andy Warhol and the other Roy Lichtenstein with a range of questions to students to write critical analysis of both artists. in addition to the planning sheet there is also a Annotation support guide that can be used with any artwork or artist. Both resources have been used successfully with KS3 and KS4 students. Photo Credits Wikimedia coms Flicker user CEA – Neatherlands Flicker user – Lindsey Davis Intergalatic robot blog spot
GCSE ART. AQA GCSE ART Grade Boundary Predictions 2018

GCSE ART. AQA GCSE ART Grade Boundary Predictions 2018

Here are grade boundary prediction for AQA GCSE ART 2018. We are marking artwork using the new 0 to 96 marking system. This means that we have no previous grade boundaries to consider. Through analysis of last year’s A level grade boundaries, which used the new marking system out of 96, consideration of previous GCSE grade boundaries and interpretation of information from the exam board, there follows grade boundary predictions for GCSE Art, 2018. PLEASE NOTE: These are only predictions and the actual grade boundaries will not be known until the summer results day, but the information here might just help you form your own judgements.