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GCSE DT NEA AQA Guide to Context & Section A - NEW & IMPROVED!

GCSE DT NEA AQA Guide to Context & Section A - NEW & IMPROVED!

A Teacher’s/student’s guide to the NEW DT GCSE AQA NEA themes for 2019-2020. Resources includes: 90+ Slides Identifying & Investigating Design Possibilities ALL NEW NEA themes Brainstorming the Context Client Profiles Design Problems Existing Products Work of Others Anthropometrics/Ergonomics Questionnaire & Analysis Social/Economical Factors Sustainability Section A Summary ALSO: Teacher Tips Student Prompt Cards Marking Ladders Copyright proof material Differentiated Tasks Stunning Presentation Easy to follow Student Examples Objectives Starters Plenaries Exam/student Speak Duration: 7 Topic Inputs: 7-10 lessons WARNING This selection of PowerPoints are for Teacher guidance and student prompting only. DO NOT use these resources as direct template for students. DO NOT use these resources as a ONE FITS ALL solution to the NEA. Please follow the NEA guidance from your exam board. Images provided by Google Images royalty free commercial use no licence ©Copyright Creative Classroom Resources 2019 Mark scheme acknowledgement DT GCSE AQA (information free to the public) Other Resources to come: Section B, C, D, E, F