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Student Reading Log (encouraging reading for pleasure)

Student Reading Log (encouraging reading for pleasure)

This reading log is designed to be a conversation starter to initiate a dialogue about what your students enjoy reading and to encourage discerning readers who know what they like and why. The colour coding encourages initial opinions about the book which might then be developed in discussion. The scale of opinions might also help to establish the idea that you won’t necessarily love everything you read, and that’s ok. The responses might help steer students towards their next book, or might give a librarian/teacher/parent some ideas about what to suggest next. The log is also a visual guide which could fit in the front of an exercise book, in a desk, in a book bag, etc. The tick boxes will hopefully encourage students to start discussing types of literature and to identify genre. I would use this log half-termly. There are ten slots to allow for readers of every pace. Additional sheets can be added for speedier readers, although it perhaps shouldn’t be seen as a race.