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Bingo Sheet for Zephaniah's 'Face'

Bingo Sheet for Zephaniah's 'Face'

A bingo sheet designed for whole-class readings of Benjamin Zephaniah’s ‘Face’, to help boost engagement in pupils who are not reading a part. Aimed at Y7/Y8 secondary English classes. Helps keep pupils thinking about dramatic terms (props, characters, staging) outside of a paragraph-writing context. 2 per A4 in order to save paper. The handout in this format creates mini bingo sheet handouts that are given to each student. Bingo rules can be adapted to suit class needs, but this has worked well with pupils needing to spot 3 in a row in any direction before they can put their hand up or say ‘bingo!’. This can start a class discussion if other pupils spotted the same technique with a different example.