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America & Rap

America & Rap

CONTENT DISCLAIMER WARNING. Parental Advisory Explicit Content. This product explores the relationship between America and Rap music. Specifically, this lesson is deeper dive into Rap’s more disdainful songs of American violence, mass incarceration, and some of America’s policies that project a differentiating images of the “American Dream.” Included in this product: -Short Power-point with Anticipatory Set , Group Tasks, 4 Corners, and Closure -Links to the songs and music videos Reagan by Killer Mike Sound of da Police by KRS One Street Livin by Black Eyed Peas This is America - Childish Gambino America - Logic Just as another disclaimer, most of the products in this lesson can be found online for free, with the exception of the Power Point and instruction guide. This product may be rather controversial but it is a lesson that a lot of young high school students gravitate towards and fosters a chance to incorporate Collaborative Study Groups. You are responsible for acquiring the appropriate Parental Consent forms if the content is too mature for your school/district.