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Reading Scheme for year 7 - Reading for Diamond

Reading Scheme for year 7 - Reading for Diamond

This reading scheme has been designed for year 7 students. This initiative is designed to encourage all students to engage with a wide range of genres and to develop a love of literature. The scheme of work includes 5 award booklets - Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum and Diamond. Plus a letter to parents, templates for certificates and a suggested wall display. To complete the booklets, all students will need to read a set number of books. The books are their choice and can come from the school library, libraries near where they live or from their own bookshelves at home. Once the students have started the reading, they can set about to complete the tasks in the booklet. The aim of the Reading for Diamond scheme is to improve literacy and encourage a wider reading for pleasure. As well as developing a greater appreciation of different styles of writing, research has shown that students who read regularly perform better at GCSE’s, expose themselves to more diverse ideas, and improve their vocabulary, memory, concentration and creativity.