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Shakespeare's "The Tempest" - Year 3/4

Shakespeare's "The Tempest" - Year 3/4

A 2 week unit of work on The Tempest by William Shakespeare using the animated BBC Radio adaptation for Year 4 children. Could easily be adapted for Years 3-5. The unit looks at the structure of playscripts and gives plenty of opportunity for role play and acting. The unit finishes with the children creating their own “deleted scene” to the play, writing and performing the scene in groups. There is also a chance for the children to create their own masks of the characters in order to use in their performances. The plan is detailed and contains instructions for the TA and differentiation for less able and more able children. Contains SMART Notebook files for each day of the plan, with each day’s resources clearly labelled and adaptable. Ideal for getting some speaking and listening in a meaningful context!