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Beautiful Bugs

Beautiful Bugs

KS3 Art and Design Resource based on insects (science cross-curricular link), pattern and mixed media. This resource is a PowerPoint that has slides containing Learning Objectives, Success Criteria, Key Words and EAL translations (my school is prominently Czech, Slovak, Romanian and Arabic EAL but these can be changed once downloaded. Translations could be amended to cross-curricular links or simply deleted all together). PowerPoint also includes embeded videos, images, artist links, homework tasks and starters. I have embeded a video of Damien Hirst's "In and Out of Love" exhibition from a the Channel 4 News Youtube channel. The idea is to discuss the ethical implications of using live creatures for art. Later in the presentation is another video link to Jessa Huebing-Reitinger who's performance art encourages the love and appreciation of insects with the aim to conserve endangered species; good to compare and contrast with deep analytical elements here. Three outcomes are implied by the resource: to create experimental sketches of insects using pencil (HB and shading pencils), Pen (mark-making techniques) and Pen & Water (aka bleed & dry). It is assumed that the teacher will demonstrate these in class and laid out as per your wishes. The second outcome is a zentangle style butterfly, you could imput symmetry here, with watercolour dripping techniques. The final outcome is a mixed media piece based on the work of Jessa Huebing-Reitinger using watercolours and chalk pastel. The aim is to produce a study of an insect or artist's work. You could print off internet pictures, or develop here some photography opportunities from a trip or visiting specialists perhaps? Any feedback about this resource would be most welcome. Thanks