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Cognitive Psychology Revision Guide

Cognitive Psychology Revision Guide

A complete guide to A Level cognitive psychology from the Edexcel A Level Psychology specification. This resource covers the different models of memory including the Multi-Store Model, the Working Memory Model, episodic and semantic memory and reconstructive memory, giving a detailed explanation of each (AO1), along with evaluation points (AO3) to use in exam answers. Both classic and contemporary studies of Baddely et al and Sebastian and Hernandez-Gill are covered and the case study of HM, also with A* evaluation of the sample, procedure and results used in these studies. Finally, the key question section of the exam is also covered with precise AO1,2 and 3 points for a full mark answer. This pack provides everything an A Level Psychology student needs to both learn the content of the Cognitive topic as well as write A* answers in the exam.